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Cameras for Sale

My EOS 20D and 17-85 lens are now for sale, sadly I can't afford to keep the 20D and the 5D, although they would compliment each other well.  If you're interested, see my ebay auctions here (EOS20D) and here (17-85 IS).

I also have a number of vouchers which came free with my EOS 5D.  As I'm not buying any more lenses or accessories, and they expire on 31 December 2005, they are not much use to me.  The best bit is they still apply to give you cash back, even if you bought your lenses a while ago.  If you bought any of the relevant lenses, flashguns or printer since 15 March 2005 they could be worth up to 100 to you.  See here for my ebay auction.