What? A collection of photos and some opinionated  

witterings about equipment, technique etc.



Having started taking photos with a folding


medium format camera whilst still at primary school, Philip got off to an early start with his photography. His compositions improved no end when he started using a camera on which the viewfinder pointed more or less in the same direction as the lens.

Born in 1975 in Northumberland, Philip went to school in Newcastle then studied law at Cambridge. He currently lives and works in London. Despite having a passion for photography and spending a worrying proportion of his teenage years mucking about with computers he didn't get round to producing a website until 2001.

Philip's ambitions are to be internationally recognised for his photography and to own a car which was built this Millennium.

  Why? For fun, and hopefully to inspire people to  
    travel and take photos.  And to prevent people taking photos of the Hong Kong skyline at night using flash. And to try to show off the world looking at its best.  
  How? See Articles link for photo tutorials - more  
    coming soon  

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