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The purpose of this page is to provide a quality-controlled list of some sites I have enjoyed.  If it's not listed here, that doesn't mean it's not a good site, but if it is listed here, it means it's worth a visit. Have fun!




Mark Meyer Photography - Quality not quantity - some very, very pretty photos and interesting articles.

Gigi Oddone - A really top quality collection of travel photos.  Follow his excellent links page, too (saves me listing them here!)

Sean McHugh (Cambridge in Colour) - Some outstanding photos of Cambridge, England. - for a very different style of photography, look here (and also follow his links).  Inspirational.



Technique, Educational


Cambridge in Colour (tutorials) - very slickly produced, in-depth but easily readable tutorials for photographers of any level.

Luminous Landscape - number one site for accessibly written articles for the intermediate/advanced photographer.

Ian Lyons Computer Darkroom - lots of very useful reference material.

Digital Dog - high quality and comprehensive reference material.



Camera Equipment and News


Luminous Landscape - save time wading through dry, over-detailed, anal reviews and get a real-world answer from an experienced technical journalist and professional photographer.

Photography Review - user reviews.

Photodo - lens measurement info, telling you how sharp lenses are, useful info but a bit out of date now.

Photozone - up to date site with lots of info.

Photo-i - well written, thorough and not excessively opinionated reviews, particularly strong on the latest printers and scanners.

Photography Blog - very useful news site which picks up on new reviews, info etc on other sites.  Saves having to check them all. - very slick site, good news section and in-depth reviews.  AVOID the forums, the signal to noise level is atrocious.

Steve's Digicams - similar to DPReview, lots of detail about digicams past and present.

Ken Rockwell - some VERY opinionated writings, some of which I disagree with, but entertaining and well worth a visit.