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Photography websites


  (1) Portfolios  
Mark Meyer Photography Quality not quantity - some very, very pretty photos
  and interesting articles.
  Gigi Oddone A really top quality collection of travel photos.


(2) Reference and Reviews

  Luminous Landscape He's the guru - Mike's the man.  He has more top-
    class photographic equipment knocking about at home than you'll find in London's premier photographic dealers and he's prepared to give us all the benefit of his not inconsiderable expertise for free.  Updated regularly with interesting articles, this site is a great resource for anyone wanting detailed and impartial reviews of almost every piece of high-end equipment imaginable.  Some of the pics aren't bad either!
  Photography Review User-submitted reviews of equipment.  Always a
    good first place to look if you're thinking of buying some new kit.  Get your own back on that crap lens, or let everyone know how great you think your camera is.
  Photodo Lens tests.  Find out how sharp that lens you're
    thinking of buying is!
  Photozone More user lens surveys etc.  Very comprehensive,
    in a dry, efficient kind of way!
  (3) Communities  Take a virtual trip to the United States of America

where you can interact with a whole bunch of people, many of whom know very little about photography! Experience endless pseudo-intellectual debate of a level of anality you've yet to encounter! Also a genuinely useful resource, with databases containing the answers to probably just about every technical photographic question you could ever think of, sadly often hidden in amongst a lot of opinionated drivel.


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